TFS Critical error: TF30046 The instance information does not match.

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Just another day with Windows 10 and got restoring my TFS Server. This has been a very common error and perhaps the first thing you see when you browse to your tfs page after restoring the database.

Critcal error: TF30046: The instance information does not match. Team Foundation expected 50623DA5-2C61-42F3-B57B-D1145C16B187 which was not found. Please contact your Team Foundation Server administrator.

The reason for this is very simple. Each TFS installation has an installation instance ID that is mapped to vertual application id setup. So what is happening here is that the Virtual Web application is looking for a new TFS instance Id which is basically a GUID. But we have restored older database. So perhaps we have the following option as sure and simple solution.

  1. Open Database instance in Sql Server Management Studio and open database TFS_Configuration
  2. Go to tbl_ServiceHost table and look for entry where Name  = “TEAM FOUNDATION”. Copy the HostId
  3. Go to TFS INSTALL FOLDER \Application Tier\Web Services folder
  4. Open the web.config and update the value for applicationId  key with the value copied in step 2
  5. Restart the IIS for application tier virtual application
  6. You are good to go…




    1. Hi Naveen,
      It is unlikely to get such an errors. Have you additionally checked AD Groups and permissions that are mapped to projects. If possible, can you please post a screenshot so that i may provide further help.(you map upload screenshot to tinypic and provide link here.

  1. It didn’t work for me.
    I install a new server and restore DB, leave the actual TFS server in production running, but Visual Studio see that ID TFS is still used by another server.
    I change the ID with the command TFSAdminUtil tool, and change the ID in web.config, but issue still ! Does anyone has been in trouble the same way ? Interested in getting you advises.

    Regards !!

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