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Working with several customers over the past years, one of the NFR being enforced by customers is Code Coverage, some customers push for 80% while some others ask for 90%. Even had a client which asks for 95% in older days. Also, there is significant cost and effort involved with increasing coverage compliance. And once the said coverage is achieved, its assumed the code is good and safe. Testability of code is a whole story alltogether that deserves a post separately, this post targets more of coverage part.

Offcourse 100% is something next to impossible and thats what nobody dares it to ask or enforce. And this gives a margin for 5 or 10% or even 20% and here comes the problem set of problems. Lets deep dive in, consider the following code.

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Clean Code is something which seems so simple by names and most of the times something which is ignored and forgiven by most programmers of all ages, but it is one of the most important characteristic of maintainable code. You may be a top shot programmer highly skilled in structures and algos, but if it is not clean, it may end up as junk. Clean code is something which wraps all (yes all) the aspects of modern programming such as various Design patterns, principles etc. But yet, a lot of people forget (or rather ignore). Lets try to understand what it is, and why is it important. For the most part of the code I shall refer c# in this post, but this applies in general to any language, as its a paradigm to general coding practices not specific to any language.
Disclaimer: Also, this post may get a little longer and may seem a bit boring, but i would highly recommend reading it. Also, most of the content is what i learned by experience, suggestions and/or comments are welcome.

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I am in programming for about 15 years, initially as a freelancer, and for about last 10 years, working full time. Have been involved in code reviews and refactoring at multiple levels for about last 6 years or so. Also, i have been following several open source projects and also contributing in my part time. Basically in this post, some of the common issues I found across platforms are highlighted along with why are they important.

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