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Microsoft SQL Server brought some major enhancements recently one of them was native support for Temporal Design “out of the box”. Temporal Design can sometime be challenging. I have personally spent months writing a Custom Middleware layer for Temporal Support since client had explicit requirements for auditability. And believe me, it was not easy.

Realizing the potential of the feature, soon after Entity Framework Team jump into the bandwagon and we had a fully functional Temporal Design purely “as a code” that can be used directly. Also, the features include querying point in time (and other similar operations) out of the box which are very handy. Some of the major advantages are pointed out below.

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Async Await is one of the best feature that has changed a lot of dynamics in the recent past, but it has created same amount confusion and chaos. Lot of bad practices, wrong usage has plagued the very usage. I have refactored a very huge WPF code with lots of out ref and reference based codebase to new pattern, on covering ~80% of it, faced a few challenges reverted back. Then after a month took the task again and completed migration.

I do receive a lot of issues in PRs around this. Based on this feeling that there would be many others who are facing such isssue, this post is more targetted from experiences. There could be log of posts and videos and shit load of resources, but I would try to write it concisely and in simple language/. Again, comments are open for discussion.

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