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Recently started with TypeScript with Visual Studio for the AngularJs and landed into a deep problem. The problem was that i was on a blank solution/project with no changes, and still there was a build error. The transition was assumed to be ok, but it didn’t turned out. So here  are the steps I did:

  1. Create a new MVC project in Visual Studio 2015. Added references for Angular using the PM Console.
    Command: install-package angularjs
  2. At this point solution should compile well.
  3. Install the DefinitrlyTyped typings for TypeScript for angularjs from PM Console.
    Command: install-package angularjs.typescript.definitelytyped
  4. Once installed, the solution should still compile ok, because as of now there is no TS file in the solution that should be compiled.
  5. Add a .ts file to the project and add a simple function. This would initiate the TSC to come in picture and compile ts bindings.
  6. Now building the solution gives a whole lot of compiler errors and compiler fails. The main errors are TS2304, TS2411, TS2320, . I get around 482 of such errors. The error loig from visual studio is attached below:Continue reading